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Description Part No
1/16 X 10/32 Male Nylon Barb Fitting GX-116
1/8 X 10/32 Male Nylon Barb Fitting  GX-117
1/8 Minature Nylon Tee fitting GX-118
Tube Molykote O-Ring Grease 100g GX-200
Cable – 11’6″ Long, Tinned Both Ends GX-201
Cable – 20.5″ Long

C/W Eyelet and Tinned One End

Outer Cable – Black Housing GX-203
4mm Nylon Tube – Any colour 

30m Roll

200m Roll

1/16 Polyureathane Tube


1/4 Polyureathane Tube GX-130
10mm Back Nylon Tube

30m roll

AdaptaFlex Conduit 50m Roll GX-124
Quick Exhaust Valve/Shuttle Valve GX-125
Solenoid Valve 12V DC

Solenoid Valve 24V DC



4mm x M5 Swivel Elbow GX-113
4mm x M5 Swivel Straight GX-114
M12 x 25 Masonry Bolt for Manger Bracket GX-205
Valve Return Spring (New) EX-118
Valve Return Spring (Old) EX-206
90mm ID Flex tube for Square to Round Connector Box GX-206
Polythene trough R.H/L.H GX-207
4mm Straight Connectors GX-114
4mm Equal Tee GX-119
10mm Straight GX-121
10mm Equal Tee GX-120
20mm Conduit 3m

25mm Conduit 3m

Auger Sprocket GX-208
Tapered Sprocket Bush GX-209


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