Orby Dairy Parlour Feeding System made in NI_healthy heifers

Proven accuracy and efficiency

Orby Engineering equipment makes feeding livestock much more efficient than traditional methods, saving farmers’ time through batch-feeding, as half a parlour can be fed instantly at the push of a button and can top-up or feed each cow individually as required. Fully controllable feeding also reduces under/over-feeding, keeping cows contented and resulting in better animal health and an improved yield.

Orby Pneumatic Dairy Parlour Feeding System_dispensing mechanism_in use in milking parlour Ireland

Expert design

At the heart of every Orby feeder is the original patented Orby mechanism – a stainless steel measuring cylinder with spring-loaded finger seals which prevents cows (or vermin) deliberately dislodging and pilfering extra feed. Used for over 40 years, this highly reliable system gives accurate and consistent results, with the cylinder/seal arrangement unique to Orby feeders. Designed to give constant reliable performance and years of trouble-free operation, Orby pneumatic feeders are powerful, with smooth and controlled speed of operation.

There is also a choice of easy to operate electronic controls which can be fully integrated with the most sophisticated computerised management systems.


Orby key selling points

Corrosion resistant stainless-steel feed measuring cylinder

Offered a choice of control options.

Solenoid box available to integrate with all types of electronic systems.

System suited to both pneumatic and electronic controllers.

Orby dispensing mechanism provides for accurate, reliable and “pilfer-proof’ feeding.

Powered by compressed air for positive and responsive operation, with zero risk of stray electric current.

All feeders supplied with complete fitting kit.

Push-in fittings used throughout for easy and simple installation.

Orby Parlour Feeders are renowned for their build quality, reliability and accuracy.

Quality of Design – perfected over 40 years of continuous improvements.

Very Competitively priced compared to competitor offerings.


Extras available:

Full stainless-steel version

Stainless steel Hoppers and Legs

Longer/shorter chutes

Flexible chutes

Bespoke sized Hoppers


Full range of spares

Loft Hoppers


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